The Wizard by the Sea

The Wizard by the Sea

On his tenth birthday, Connor trips over a wizard on the shore. Amidst glowing clovers and roses drawn in the sand, the wizard shelters him from the rain and promises to teach him magic. Three years later, they meet again, and Connor becomes his student.

Yates has never been a mentor—he doesn’t deserve the privilege. But Connor comes to him after a tragedy, broken and helpless, and stays for years. Without realizing it, they fall in love. Yates knows he shouldn’t: he has shaped this boy into a man. At a loss, he pretends not to notice Connor’s affections… until his nineteenth birthday, when they celebrate a hard-won victory and give in to desire. Ashamed, Yates banishes his student, leaving a hole in both their hearts.

Four years later and still lonely, a tidal wave sweeps Connor back into Yates’ life. When they meet again, he discovers that Yates has withheld secrets from him, secrets that could change his life. Their past is fractured, their future uncertain. But the one thing Connor knows is that he’s always loved the wizard by the sea.

Slow-burn! Teacher/Student! The Wizard by the Sea is a 65,000 word steamy, standalone gay romance novel. Includes a kraken, chalk circles, some angst, plenty of pining, as well as May/Dec and coming-of-age themes. No cliffhangers, no cheating, but there is absolutely a Happily Ever After.

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The Wizard’s Desire

The Wizard's Desire

Kei has had enough of wizards and magic interfering with his life. A terrible accident in his childhood left his parents’ memories ruined: they no longer remember him. In the years since, Kei has lived a normal life as a firefighter, keeping his relationships distant so he can’t be hurt again.

But magic destroys and injures. On the run from his mistakes, Orion will do anything to escape his past—even isolate himself in a magical snow globe. When a desperate situation arises and Orion uses his magic to alter the walls of his snow globe, he accidentally opens a pathway to the outside world. Orion can’t risk anyone entering… but he can’t risk using his magic again, either.

Orion isn’t prepared for the firefighter who falls into his snow globe. Kei is a balm to Orion’s loneliness, and despite Kei’s distrust of wizards, he begins to see the real person behind Orion’s flirting—a brave man who protects those he loves. Unable to help himself, Kei falls in love… until he discovers that Orion’s secrets may have everything to do with his own difficult past.

Slow-burn! Friends-to-lovers! The Wizard’s Desire is a 100,000-word steamy, standalone gay romance novel. Domestic. Includes monster trees, whistling wood, magic theory, and a headstrong goat named Billy. Also includes some angst. HFN. No cliffhangers.

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