Men of Meadowfall

Book 1: The Omega’s Secret Pregnancy

The Omega's Secret Pregnancy

Five years ago, Felix fled his hometown, leaving behind lies, a proposal, and a fifteen-year relationship with his alpha. Now, fresh out of money, he’s back, guilt-laden, struggling to shore up his savings so he can flee again.

Ever since Felix rejected him, Kade’s been programming, helping his family out of bankruptcy. Felix had said Kade wasn’t rich enough as an alpha, wasn’t good enough to marry. Kade still isn’t. All he has now: the silver ring he proposed with.

When they meet again, Felix goes into heat. After a scorching night together, Felix discovers he’s pregnant. He’d slept with the bondmate he helped bankrupt. Kade can’t possibly want this child; Felix has hurt him, has kept so many secrets from him.

But as his belly grows, and as he’s drawn to his alpha all over again, Felix can’t deny the bond between them. He can’t hide their baby forever, either.

The Omega’s Secret Pregnancy is a 100,000-word slow-burn second chance romance, with many erotic scenes, LOTS of pining, and some hurt/comfort themes. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

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Book 2: Omega Teacher’s Baby

Omega Teacher's Baby

Divorced and shamed for his infertility, Professor Dale Kinney has spent the past ten years proving his worth: by building a solid research lab in his field. With his tenure two years away, everything’s finally going right… except he also has a secret.

Dale has a crush on his student—Greg Hastings. Sweet, straight-A alpha, and also the college president’s son. Greg has been asking Dale out for coffee since semester began. And it’s been taking all of Dale’s self-control to turn him down.

Four years ago, Greg lost his best friend in a fire. At eighteen, he’d had ambitious plans: build a home, drive fast cars, live his life. At twenty-two, he’s lost his courage to believe. How can he be there for an omega when he couldn’t save his best friend? How can he promise anyone a future? The only things keeping him afloat—college basketball, and the cute, awkward professor in his classes, who sneaks glances at Greg when he thinks Greg isn’t looking.

When Greg stumbles on Professor Kinney in heat, the spark between them explodes into an inferno. And despite countless failed attempts at pregnancy… Dale conceives. Dale refuses to abort the child. Greg refuses to abandon this omega. With the pregnancy an increasingly difficult secret to keep, will their slow-burning love cauterize their wounds, or burn them down?

Omega Teacher’s Baby is a steamy 100,000-word May/Dec Teacher/Student romance, with paper cranes, rabbit onsies and a young alpha who wants to stay by his omega no matter what. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers, but definitely a happily ever after.

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Book 3: Omega’s Stepbrother

Omega's Stepbrother

Beaten and lied to by his previous alpha, Wyatt Fleming has been recovering from his past: by running his own restaurant, and being the best dad to his daughter, Hazel. No one knows his deepest secret: Nine years ago, he kissed his alpha stepbrother in the family’s piano room.

Raph has never forgotten that kiss. Not when Wyatt had looked at him, wide-eyed and beautiful. Nine years ago, their grandmother caught him kissing Wyatt. Wyatt had fled, entangled himself in an abusive relationship. By not rescuing him, Raph had helped ruin his brother’s life.

Saddled with guilt, Raph wishes he had fewer regrets: he should’ve stood up to Grandma, should’ve gotten himself out of debt, and stayed with the one omega he could never let go.

When their father throws a party, Raph finds Wyatt in heat. Their simmering embers kindle into a roaring flame; after a steamy night together, Wyatt discovers that he’s pregnant. Raph refuses to fail his omega again. Wyatt refuses to abandon his innocent child. As their relationship intensifies, both men face the very real danger… of their family and pasts coming to pull them apart.

Omega’s Stepbrother is a 97,000-word alpha/omega nonshifter MPreg romance, with a hilariously adorable 9-year-old, some angst, lots of food, and an alpha who has loved his omega for the longest time.

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Book 4: Two Alphas, One Omega

Two Alphas, One Omega

A lonely omega. An ageing alpha. Valen’s an alpha, too, and he wants them both.

Sam Brentwood had everything… and he’s lost it all. At eighteen, he left the love of his life. At nineteen, he miscarried Valen’s baby. These days, Sam’s hidden his heart away, working multiple jobs to afford a house.

Valen Tolstoy has a secret—two, actually. One: he’s never stopped missing his omega. Two: he’s dating the station’s second-in-command. Harris is two decades older than Valen, richer and better than Valen can possibly be. Sooner or later, Harris will realize Valen’s not worth hanging around, and he’ll leave.

Ten years ago, Harrison Fields lost his family. Afraid of risking his heart with another omega, he’s tumbled into bed with someone just as risky—his subordinate, the fire chief’s son. But Valen is young, rough, and they don’t always get along. So Harris hires a private instructor, hoping to tighten their relationship.

To Valen’s shock, the chef Harris hires… is the omega who left him, the only omega he’s ever loved. Worse, Sam’s in heat, and it flings Valen into a rut.

When the embers from their steamy night cool, Sam discovers that he’s pregnant with Valen’s child. Afraid of a relationship, he tries backing away—only to find that the two alphas he met… won’t let him go.

Two Alphas, One Omega is a 115,000-word standalone Alpha/Alpha/Omega non-shifter MPreg romance, with dirty jokes, a much-anticipated baby, and two alphas longing for an omega to protect.

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Book 5: Omega Teacher’s Secret

Omega Teacher's Secret

Saddled with debt and a crippling self-esteem, Professor Ian McMillan has struggled for decades with his demons. But that isn’t his biggest secret–seven years ago, he spent his heat with an alpha he shouldn’t have… his student.

Nothing should’ve come out of it. Except Ian conceived, and his baby’s father… is also the department head’s son. Under the threat of losing his job, Ian made a choice: keep his child, and sever all contact with Brad.

With no inkling of the baby he left, Brad Saxon graduated from college and joined the Meadowfall fire department, making mistakes along the way. Lives have been lost at his hands, and the guilt he carries is suffocating. How can he protect an omega, when he’s failed others before?

But Brad can’t forget about the omega from years ago–Ian, with his soft smiles and yearning eyes. When Brad enrolls in a Master’s course hoping to see his professor again, he finds something he doesn’t expect: Ian’s in heat. This time, there’s a child with him… a little girl with Brad’s eyes.

Omega Teacher’s Secret is a steamy 103,000-word May/Dec Teacher/Student romance, with a single dad, an alpha who grows to love the daughter he never knew he had, and a love that will warm your heart. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers, but definitely a happily ever after.

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Book 6: Stepbrother’s Secret

Stepbrother's Secret

What’s worse than losing the love of your life? Answer: Finding out that he’s now (1) a single dad and a widower, (2) your business rival, and (3) still very much your stepbrother.

Lonely and estranged from his family, Olivier wishes for love. His music shop is sinking—no thanks to Total Sounds, the new music chain in town. But that’s not all: The alpha stepbrother he’d grown up loving? Eric’s moving back to Meadowfall with his baby girl, and Ollie’s life is officially a mess.

Eric has two goals: One, to raise his late wife’s daughter. Two, to ensure that Total Sounds beats out all its competition, especially that one shop, Olivier’s Strings. Except the owner of Olivier’s Strings is an omega from his past—someone Eric had been truly, madly, deeply in love with. The very omega who had broken Eric’s heart right outside their family home, and, unbeknownst to Eric, is still in love with him.

To escape the grief of his wife’s passing, Eric confronts Olivier about their past… except Ollie’s in heat.

One simmering encounter turns into another, and that new honey scent of Ollie’s… It means Olivier is pregnant. Eric has his suspicions. Ollie insists that the baby isn’t Eric’s. Could it be…?

Stepbrother’s Secret is a 99,000-word standalone non-shifter MPreg romance, with second-chance and hurt/comfort themes, an adorable 9-month-old, and an alpha who falls madly in love with his omega again.

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Book 7: The Pretense

The Pretense

Torn apart by a series of miscarriages, Levi O’Devlin is no longer in the market for a relationship. How can he, when the alpha of his dreams craves a baby so much? Instead, Levi spends his days as a cashier, daydreaming of a better life.

Cole Lancaster had an omega, a long time ago. But a devastating accident happened, injuring Levi’s friend and driving Cole and Levi apart. To escape his guilt these days, Cole works as a firefighter, borrowing his nephew just so he has a baby to hold.

It doesn’t hurt that Levi’s working right where Cole’s nephew is… and Levi always smells so good.

When Levi’s gran makes an irresistible offer—on the condition that Levi produces a great-grandchild—Levi’s faced with a difficult choice: to give up the house of his memories, or to find someone to stand in as the ‘boyfriend’ he’s been telling Gran about.

Cole doesn’t mind being a pretend boyfriend, right? Never mind that Levi’s heart still yearns for this alpha, and never mind that Cole’s giving him another baby he can’t carry to term. This is all just a pretense.

The Pretense is a 72k-word standalone non-shifter MPreg romance novel, with family bumblebee outfits, hurt/comfort themes, and an alpha who has secretly never stopped loving his omega.

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Book 8: His Two Alphas

His Two Alphas

For twenty years, single-dad Micah Davis has dreamed of the perfect wedding.
The perfect alpha.
Then the Fire tears apart Micah’s body, leaving him crippled and scarred.
His confidence wrecked, his chances of finding a bondmate sub-zero, Micah has little left…
Except a secret:
The nineteen-year-old in his college classes, Spike? Micah’s son’s close friend?
Spike makes Micah feel desirable again.
Like Micah might just be the most important person in the world.

Spike keeps his secrets close:
He’s in love with his professor. Has been for nine years.
He’s been homeless. He’s secretly a sap.
Then there’s his alpha stepbrother, Kai, and Spike shouldn’t love him, too, but he does.
Except Micah’s too good for Spike, and Kai has sworn to leave Meadowfall.
Sooner or later, they’ll both break Spike’s heart.

Kai has a dream: To play major-league basketball. To become stronger, richer.
So he can never be hurt again.
That means leaving his hometown, and it means leaving Spike behind.
But Kai won’t rest easy until Spike settles down with a bondmate… And if it’s the professor Spike wants, it’s the professor Spike gets.
Kai will do anything for his stepbrother.
What Kai doesn’t expect… is for his own heart to be tangled in the process.

His Two Alphas is a MMM, A/A/O non-shifter, standalone MPreg romance. HEA guaranteed.

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