Shifters of Cartwell

Book 1: The Dragon Boss

The Dragon Boss

What happens when you send an accidental dick pic with your resume?

On the run from dark-web criminals, Lucian Bolt has given up on a permanent safe place—all he needs is a temporary one, so he can earn some quick cash and run again. Better to flee, than linger in the truth: because of his electronic whispering abilities, his family has been murdered. A person like him doesn’t deserve happiness.

Then Lucian meets Knox, and things change.

As the boss of Whole Fish Seafoods, Knox has everything—except a family. Fifty years ago, wolf-shifters murdered his mate and child. Believing himself a failure, Knox has sworn off taking another mate… until he meets the job applicant that stumbles into his office.

Lucian smells like wolves. Suspicious, Knox frisks him, and plants his seed in Lucian. Only to find out a week later that Lucian’s not the non-magic human he claimed to be. And that Lucian is now pregnant… with a dragon child.

With Knox, Lucian glimpses what a happy future could be like. And with Lucian, Knox has someone to protect again. As the sparks between them grow, and as the dark tendrils of their pasts coil ever closer, can Lucian and Knox find their way to a future together?

The Dragon Boss is a 74,000-word standalone dragon-shifter novel with sentient shopping carts, a kraken, and a dragon who will not fail his mate. No cheating, no cliffhangers, but there definitely is a Happily Ever After.

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Book 2: The Forbidden Alpha

What if the love you thought was dead… was still alive?

Five years ago, Finn fell in love with an alpha he shouldn’t—his student. Eighteen years younger, and a wolf from the despicable Weregrits, Dante is exactly who Finn shouldn’t bed… except he’s the only person who has seen Finn for who he is, and the only alpha Finn has ever loved.

When an argument goes wrong and a riptide washes Finn away, everyone—including Dante—believes Finn dead. In grief, Dante has spiraled, and murdered.

Fresh out of jail for his crimes, Dante returns to Finn’s old home, intent on paying his respects to his dead omega… except he finds Finn still alive. And now Finn wears horrific scars from that accident.

Worse, Finn is in heat.

After a blazing night together, Finn conceives. The pups are Dante’s. The pack hasn’t forgotten Dante’s crimes, and Finn hasn’t forgotten Dante’s love.

Dante’s not leaving his omega again. But as the pack threatens their bond, and as Dante’s past catches up with them, can he keep his family… or will he lose them all?

The Forbidden Alpha is a 86k standalone wolf-shifter novel with MPreg, May/Dec, teacher/student, second chance and ugly duckling themes.

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Book 3: Omega May

Madden had one job—to kill an alpha. Instead, he fell in love.

Trapped in a pack that murdered his parents, twenty-year-old Madden craves one thing: freedom. For three years, he’s been living on the streets, afraid the Dastrels will target him next. On a failed escape attempt, the Dastrels make him an offer: end the police officer patrolling their territory, and he can leave.
Madden has thirty days. It should’ve been easy.
Except he breaks into the officer’s house, and… it’s been a long while since Madden’s felt this safe.

Freshly forty-five, and envious of his brother’s pups, Officer Gabe is painfully aware of his failures. He couldn’t save his dad. He isn’t good enough.
The last thing Gabe expects is to find a young omega in his house. But Madden isn’t a burglar, and as Gabe probes into his… circumstances, he realizes Madden is in heat.

Madden begs Gabe to make him scream. Despite his misgivings, despite their age difference, Gabe relents. And Madden conceives. Gabe imprints on an omega he never meant to touch.

As their mistakes draw them ever closer, will Gabe and Madden learn to trust each other, or will their pasts run them to the ground?

Omega May is a 100,000-word standalone wolf-shifter story with May/Dec themes, knotting, MPreg, and a Happily Ever After.

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