Meadowfall Firefighters

Book 1: Burning For My Prince

Burning For My Prince

What happens when your baby’s daddy crashes naked through your bathroom ceiling… and into your life?

A long time ago, York Davis made an online friend, and fell in love with him. Unbeknownst to York, FrogPrince100 was also a college professor. When they met to sate Prince’s heat, Prince conceived. The very next day, Prince disappeared from York’s life, shattering his heart.

Five years ago, Perry Larkin did something he shouldn’t: he gave in to his desires and slept with his crush. The very first alpha to make him feel safe after much violent abuse from his exes. Thing was, York was sixteen years younger than Perry. To hide his identity, Perry wore a mask to their first and only meeting. Then, crippled by guilt, he left, taking their unborn child with him.

Fast forward to today: York is a firefighter who has sworn off love. Except his nervous new neighbor, Perry Larkin? He smells familiar. Perry feels familiar. York has no clue what FrogPrince looked like, but Perry can’t be him. And York shouldn’t want Perry in his bed, all day, every day. He shouldn’t want to screw Perry into next week.

Besides, Perry has a four-year-old son who can’t be York’s, because Prince had been on birth control that night… right?

Burning For My Prince is a 89,000-word standalone non-shifter MPreg novel with snake jokes, new uses for honey, and an adorable four-year-old. No cheating, no cliffhangers, but there definitely is a Happily Ever After.

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